Miracle Grohe
Babies are gifts from God, Drummers are creeps
Gender Female
Age 26
Subject Science
Family & Friends
Parents Destiny Grohe (Mother)
Children Merch Grohe
Friends Helen Klench,Larry Littlejunk (love interest),
Enemies Alanis Morrisette
Production Info
First appearance "Pilot"
Voiced by Kristin Chenoweth

Miracle Grohe is a spiritual hippie barefoot science teacher who often brings her infant son Merch (who is obviously smarter than she is) to school as she believes that babies should always be with their mothers. Her catchphrase is "Babies are gifts from God. Drummers are creeps." Though she is a science teacher, she believes in things a science teacher wouldn't (Mother Earth, mysticism, fortunes, etc). She is also too gullible; for example, she takes the compliment "you're too pretty to be in school" as a statement. It is implied throughout the show that she also likes Larry. She also runs an underground Pillow Fight Club (a parody of Fight Club) that appears to be world wide. Comedian Maria Bamford was originally cast as Miracle Grohe but was later replaced by Chenoweth. The executives still allowed Bamford to do some "side voices" on the show. She also has an incredible singing voice heard in the series finale.


Miracle-skinny blonde with lush breasts and long legs. She wears a long-sleeved white crop short shirt, exposing her tummy, for exposure of the navel, a pink skirt, and no shoes. She wears a necklace the same bright-blue of her eyes; she has tanned skin, always barefoot and wears a white flower in her long blonde hair.


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